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A MABO MEMOIR: Islan Kustom to Native Title


A MABO MEMOIR: Islan Kustom to Native Title

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  • A Mabo Memoir: Islan Kustom to Native Title (Zemvic Press 2013) is a re-named, corrected and expanded edition of the author's Mabo in the Courts (2011). A Mabo Memoir is an insider's comprehensive account, written for the non-lawyer, by the plaintiffs' counsel Dr Bryan Keon-Cohen AM QC. He recounts Eddie Mabo's motivations, the Murray Islanders and their culture; lawyers and judges involved; legal aid hassles; set-backs during trial; repeated attacks by Bjelke-Petersen's government; Mabo's premature death; final success in the High Court, and the case's legacy.

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